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Apartments in Buffalo

Lake Erie Beaches New York Beaches near Buffalo NY

Beaver Island Beach (Beaver Island State Park)

Beaver Island Beach is the on Grand Island. Technically this beach is on the Niagara River, not Lake Erie. The beach is small, but it's convenient- only minutes from Buffalo.

Woodlawn Beach (Woodlawn Beach State Park)

Close and Gross! This Buffalo Beach gets closed down all the time due to toxic water that you can't go swimming in! This might have something to do with the beach's proximity to the sewage treatment plant next door.

Angola-on-the Lake Beaches

Really cool place with beach clubs and bars, including Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds. Great spot for pickup games and beach volleyball in Buffalo. Angola, New York Beaches in this area include Evangola State Park, Wendt Beach County Park, and Bennett Beach.

Sunset Bay Beach

A great beach community, but a little father away. Great beach clubs and bars include the Sunset Bay Beach Club and Surfers Bar and Grill. Another great spot for pickup beach volleyball in the Buffalo area.

Lake Erie Beaches in Ontario Canada near Buffalo NY

Fort Erie Beaches

The Fort Erie beaches very close to Buffalo. Drive from Buffalo just past the Peace Bridge into Fort Erie, Ontario. Erie Beach Park and Waverly Beach are small, but they have nice sand and a view of the Downtown Buffalo skyline.

Crystal Beach

Great little beach community just past Ridgeway, Ontario. Crystal Beach in Ontario has some bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, condo developments have sprung up in place of the historic amusement park that used to feature The Comet roller coaster.

Sherkston Shores

Sherkston shores is the largest behemoth beach resort near Buffalo, and one of the most popular beaches in Ontario. Sherkston is only 30 minutes away, and features sprawling development. Amenities include a small amusement park with rides for the kids and a bar/nightclub. Sherkston beach is well known for its large sand dunes and dangerous undertow.

Long Beach

Long Beach is just that... a very long beach in Ontario. Over 2 miles of private sandy beach are found 20 minutes past Port Colborne, Ontario. Long Beach is possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in Ontario, as it hasn't been yet been ruined by over development. There is a public beach and campground in the Long Beach Conservation area, and a historic mini-golf course that dates back to the 1950's.